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About Me


 😊Hi, I am Amanda and I love to create! It really does not matter the medium, or whether I've done it before - I am hands-on!

I have been happily married now for 18 years, to my high school sweetheart, Derik. We are the proud parents of 3 smart, kind, and funny kids; Kaidee, Alec,  and Theo. You can definitely say our home is compiled of happiness, love, and a little chaos. 

Early on I was blessed with the opportunity to work with children. I've worked with all ages of children, in lots of different settings. My favorite was when I was a preschool teacher which I did for 10 years. I loved how I was able to share my creative passion with all of my students and do art projects with them daily. I loved coming up with the different weekly themes and then all of the activities to go along with them. It was a very rewarding career.

I have loved all kinds of art ever since I can remember, from hours in my coloring book when I was 4, to learning to draw what I observe on field trips with Mr. Kemper in 2nd grade. Classroom visits from Lou the artist in 4th, pottery in 7th, videography in 8th, and then on to many different types of art classes and creative workshops. If I get the opportunity to be creative, I'll always make time. One of my favorite ways is through photography. I especially love spending time photographing all types of nature. I also love photography people and helping them to capture memories that they can treasure for years to come. 

Another thing about me is that I love spending time learning through scripture study. A very important part of my life is my relationship with God. I try to pray daily and try to include Him in all of my daily doings. I especially love to create after I pray for inspiration and peace, some of my favorite experiences have been the result.

I believe everyone can benefit from the opportunity to explore different mediums and to create, as well as, build a relationship with their higher power. This brings me to now; I started this business with the vision to bring fun, relaxing, and creative experiences to everyone. The confidence and feeling of accomplishment that comes from completing a project, is heavenly.❤️ 

About Us

Heavenly Makings was created out of a strong passion, a shared vision, and a ceaseless commitment to making creative opportunities easy and accessible through crafting events and kits.


We are here to help you and your crew create fun and innovative masterpieces all while making memorable experiences that will foster happiness, the learning of new skills, and creative thinking.


We do this by finding the projects for you, designing easy-to-follow instruction pages, and providing the needed materials to complete them. Think Pinterest without the supply searching hassle and know how.


We also offer on demand, online or in person instruction sessions. These are available for you if you feel you would like a little extra assistance with your art kit or even if you just want some company. They are also available for group parties. Maybe for your next girl's night in or birthday party.

Here at Heavenly Makings we focus on the experience. We want you to be able to take some time out of your busy schedule and use it to explore the materials we supply with ease and organization.

We provide projects that support clients from all backgrounds and skill levels. Contact us with questions or to learn more!

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